Dunkirk 95th Anniversary

2017 marks 95 years that folks have gained inspiration, enjoyment and spiritual enrichment at our beloved Dunkirk Conference Center.

At Dunkirk’s inception, benevolent giving made possible the construction of most of the buildings we use today. In part these buildings are loved because of their age and character, but mostly because of the many special experiences they have provided all of us. We are sure that you and those you love have had such special times.

Renewal and structural repair of our buildings has been on going over our 95 years. The Administration Building, because of structural concerns, was taken out of service this past year. This building has, over the years, performed an important role serving as the Registration Center, Administrative Offices, Store and Historical Archives.

A staged renovation plan for our Administration/“Welcome Center” (total estimated at $50,000) will proceed as funds are received. Additional priority capital projects include gutter installation and drainage issues at Mothers Memorial and erosion abatement near Vesper Point. Donations received though this appeal will be used for capital projects and support of our buildings and grounds budget.

A number of individuals in our “Dunkirk Family” have already provided support for our capital funds effort.

We need that list to include you too!

We anticipate donations in the hundreds and thousands of dollars and hope that, when added with what you can give, will allow us to begin the required work. You can send a check today or make your donation with a credit card by going to www.dunkirkcc.com and following the donation prompts.

At our 95th anniversary this year we are reminded of all that the hundreds and thousands of others before us have done and of their enduring financial support which has sustained Dunkirk over all these years.

Now is the time for us to pay it forward.

Thank you in advance for your generous support now.

The Dunkirk Conference Center Board of Trustees
Jay Rich • Kevin Biddle • Kathy Aldrow • Tim Lipps
John Kiewit • Ralph Anderson • Jeremy Lopez
Donna Donnor • Lisa Cummins • Bob Aures

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